Prince Of Persia PC To Be DRM-Free

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Not content with making Prince of Persia too easy for players, Ubisoft have decided to make it too easy for pirates as well!


Kidding! We are just kidding! No, the news that Ubisoft has decided to avoid Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the PC release has to be good news. Based on what has happened with every single DRM-locked game ever made any anti-copying countermeasures would have been cracked within nanoseconds of release and the resulting warez plastered all over the intertubes in bittorrent form before you can say 0-day.

Meanwhile legitimate users would have to suffer tedious 'protection' measures that are only a hair's breadth away from being malware.

So, nice one Ubisoft. Hope it works out for you.

Prince of Persia Retail Copies DRM-free, Says Ubisoft [Shacknews]


Peter Pan Complex

Ubisoft going DRM-less??. This is like putting milk in a bowl of rice. Am I suppose to applaud the effort or be conscientious?. I await the NPD report.