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Prince Of Persia: LEGO Movie Looks Like A Game To Me

To coincide with the film's release, LEGO has let loose this short animated film, recreating the basic plot of the movie with minifigs. It's narrated by star Jake Gylenhaal.


While serving primarily as a promotion for the LEGO toys based on the movie, if I'd told you this was a trailer for a LEGO: Prince of Persia game, would you have believed me? Course you would have. The cheeky facial impressions, the animation, even the fact it uses custom action scenes not found in the actual movie, it all looks just like the cutscenes from LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones.

With the movie being, well, surprisingly good, I wonder if we'll be seeing a LEGO Prince of Persia game any time soon?


[via TNI]

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Game based on a toy based on a movie based on a game. Make it so.