Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes, narrative designer Andrew Walsh, and level designer Michael McIntyre discuss the challenges of balancing a rich, immersive story with the open-world nature of the new game. Past PoP games have been strictly linear affairs, making it much easier to know how long the characters have been together, what they've already accomplished, etc. I think their solution is rather interesting, but of course I'll have to see it in practice. On a completely separate note, how about that voice acting? The Price is Nolan North, who you might remember from everything, including Nathan in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, one of the best acted games ever. A bit more polished than I imagined, but I trust the direction North went with. Eilika is voiced by Kari Wahlgren, who was Haruko in the anime FLCL, so she is full of win, plus you gotta feel for a voice actor who has to say "sluice gates".


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