Prey Is Coming To The iPhone

There are many games well-suited to Apple's iPhone. SimCity, for one. Advance Wars, that would be another (HINT). But first-person shooters? Hrm. But hey, maybe Prey - of all games - can change that.

Yes, Prey. You know. American Indians, spike machines, assholes on the wall, that Prey. Somehow, somebody, somewhere thought porting the game to the iPhone would be a good idea, so, uh, here we are.


MachineWorks Northwest are on development detail, promising a game that's not only a properly 3D shooter on the iPhone, but one that thanks to some on-screen "analogue" controls might actually control like one. Might. It even keeps the gravity-defying wall-walking of the original.

No word on a release date or price as of yet.

Exclusive: Prey for iPhone Revealed [IGN]

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