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Press This Arcade Button. A Real Person Will Appear.

Illustration for article titled Press This Arcade Button. A Real Person Will Appear.
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One of the best things about Japan is the service. The service is generally great. One of the things that makes it so great? Call buttons.


Instead of sitting in a restaurant waiting around for a waiter or waitress to make his or her way towards your table, you can press the call button, and your server will come hustling over.

Arcades are the same. Taito's arcades have call buttons that you can press. Doing so sends a staffer running over, ready to help you and answer your questions.


I saw this Taito button this morning at a batting cage of all places. The batting cage was simply using the same call button found in Taito arcades. I did not press it, however. I did hit about a hundred baseballs!

Postcard is a regular peek behind the Kotaku East curtain, whether that be game-related or, most likely, not.

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I have an odd feeling that something like that would get abused endlessly in if were in the US. As bad as customer service can be at times in this country, the customers themselves can also be quite assholeish.