President Biden Only Just Beat His Granddaughter At Mario Kart

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Image: Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Nintendo (Getty Images)

Over the weekend President Joe Biden made his first visit to Presidental retreat Camp David and to relax he played some Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. The moment was shared by his granddaughter, Naomi Biden, on Instagram.


He raced against his granddaughter, who later shared the moment on social media. She claims that although he is a “little rusty,” he still “(barely) won.” This does imply that Joe Biden has played Mario Kart before and that his skills have since gotten rusty over time. How good was Joe Biden at Mario Kart in his prime?

Illustration for article titled President Biden Only Just Beat His Granddaughter At Mario Kart
Screenshot: Naomi Biden

Also, shoutout to whoever is helping curate and purchase arcade machines for Camp David. They seem to have good taste. I can only imagine what other arcade machines populate the base’s arcade. If it’s like any good arcade it probably has an old Pac-Man machine in the corner, rarely played, but still working.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request about whether President Biden said ‘I ama numba one’ after winning or when Americans can expect to receive their $2,000 covid relief checks.


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I couldn’t stand Trump and I’m not expecting hard hitting political journalist from Kotaku, so nothing against this article or anything. (I know it’s just in good fun) But this is such a great example of what the next 4 years in the media is going to look like for Biden.

His and Kamala’s campaign ran heavily in Georgia based on 2,000 checks. Like it was constantly mentioned, and tons of people likely voted for him cause they were essentially told if he got elected they’d be 2,000 dollars richer.

Well not only have they walked they number down, they still haven’t gotten it passed. Despite who’s to blame, and whether it’s republican or even other democrat’s faults, the fact of the matter is he knew there’d be opposition for it heading in and still used it as a huge guaranteed promise to win over votes. It’s just dishonest.

Meanwhile, here’s an article about him winning in Mario Kart! Isn’t he cute!

I’m excited not to have Trump, but this media love fest and lack of critical reporting on his presidency thus far concerns me.. We need to hold all politicans accountable, and the low low bar set by Trump shouldn’t be the standard we judge Biden off of.