Here Is Predator's Mortal Kombat X Fatality

The Predator DLC may not be out for Mortal Kombat X just yet, but you can already see what one of his devastating finishing moves will be.


Here’s a clip uploaded by KommunityFinishHim that highlights one of predator’s fatalities:

You can view it in GIF form here:


That’s not all. You can also see some new Predator footage—including brutalities, intros, and more here:

Currently, the Predator DLC is scheduled to drop sometime in July, though according to Shoryuken the character is already available as a CPU opponent in Tower Mode.

Correction: this article originally stated that the footage was leaked. This has been fixed.


Kain The Undead

A Predator would never do that to a perfectly good skull. He’d cut the head off and collect it as a trophy. For shame!