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Predator's Calling

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To: BA
From: ST
Re: AMR? A?

Can't take a one-year-old to the movies, huh? Yeah, I hear you. I mean, I HEAR you. And your kid!


Have you ever been "that parent," the one with the noisy kid in the plane or in the movie theater? I always feel so bad for those parent(s), because I realize the people around them must be angry. You hear folks muttering and grumbling. In the movies, I get that. But in the plane? People need to have some sympathy. Then again, I don't understand why people always have to make a comment when you fart. I mean, some things are just a part of life. Why make a big deal out of them?

People say they like my Day Notes. But not this one, I bet. It stinks!

Why? Because I need to get out of here and go play some Aliens Vs. Predator in the next 60 minutes. I was invited to bring my "game face."


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