To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: It's A Shooter Shoot-off Thursday Bout a week or so away until Mrs. Bashcraft gives birth to Micro Bash. She told me last night that she saw something recently on the news where a woman popped a blood vessel in her head while in labor and died. That didn't help the confidence factor much. (Thank you network news!) Needless to say, she's nervous, excited. This morning I went to the kid's school to watch his computer class. The school is outfitted with PCs, and the dual button mouse seemed a tricky task to master... The mother next to me nearly popped a blood vessel herself trying to help her kid click on the Hello Kitty icon. What you missed last night Future Shop Cancels Gears 2 Launch Festivities As Mark Of Respect For Crisp Family Don't Ask Lara Croft Model Archaeology Questions Rare Want Killer Instinct on XBLA Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 Is Nearly Upon Us Famitsu: The Best TGS 2008 Booth Babes Were... Bungie: "Could You Imagine The Xbox Or Xbox 360 Without Bungie’s Halo?" Square Enix president talks remake boom