Pray They Don't Make A Boondock Saints Game

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Music might not have worked out for movie director Troy Duffy, but that doesn't mean games won't. The director, known for crime flick Boondock Saints and the documentary of his implosion Overnight, is keen for a game version of the film that made him famous.

"We're thinking of making a video game out of Boondock and I went and listened to these guys pitch me the game and they had already done some programming," Duffy tells Reuters. "They had already built part of the game and I got to play it."

Crime flick Boondock Saints was released in 1999 and followed the exploits of two twins, out to rid Boston of evil. The movie became a cult hit and spawned a graphic novel as well as 2009 cinematic sequel: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

Duffy says today's games are, obviously, a step up from the Tron he played at his local arcade as a kid. According to the filmmaker, "The demo the developer put together for Boondock seems like real-time...realistic action." He adds that you can "see the sweat" on the character's brows and that the tech is "out of this world".


For Duffy, the key for a successful Boondock game is the ability for players to play as their favorite character and to retain the movie's gritty look.

"The Boondock fan base wants to have a beer with the MacManus brothers and then pick up a weapon and fight," Duffy told Reuters. "With a video game you can increase that kind of intimacy, where they can actually be the brothers and hang out and do some shooting and have some fun."

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Fernando Jorge

I don't see why not a game. The movie was never exactly to be taken too seriously and the focus has always been in the bad assery and violence. This is what you'd do best in a game.