Praise Chernobog! The Shrouded Aisle is coming to Switch on January 17th. I loved this cult management sim when I played it on my laptop. Can’t wait to take ritual sacrifice on the go.

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I wish that media trying to depict cults and demons and stuff would stop appropriating and misrepresenting actual deities from minority cultures.

I know it’s something we inherited from the Abrahamic faiths, what with their monotheistic obsession to label any deity other than their own as some sort of evil monster, but we really need to work on breaking that collective habit.

There’s no justification for using the names of existing deities for this stuff. It’s not like the creators expect anyone to recognize the name Chernobog and actually know anything at all about him, so why use that name? Just make something up instead! It has the exact same effect, without all the baggage!