This is a real product. It’s in Japan. And it sounds nasty.

Last year, game maker Namco teamed up with a Japanese potato chip company to make cola-flavored potato chips. That seemed kind of icky, yet still edible. But this?

According to Game Impress Watch and Famitsu, the snack-flavored beverage tastes like potato chips that’s had cola poured over them.


Shizuoka-based Kimura Drink, the folks behind eel-flavored cola (goodness), developed the soda for Namco.

[Photo: Famitsu]

The potato-chip cola will be available as an arcade game prize in Japan starting this Friday for a limited time only. It’s not available in stores, because really, who would buy this?

Okay. Fine. I might. Just once.

Top image: Namco

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