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Portal Still Alive Will Include New Puzzles, But No New Plot

Illustration for article titled Portal Still Alive Will Include New Puzzles, But No New Plot

Speaking with Valve's Doug Lombardi earlier this week at E3, we got onto the topic of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Portal. I wanted to know what gamers could expect from the game and why Valve decided to tweak it for the XBLA release.


"It's about giving gamers more choices, more points of entry to get to the party, open more gates to the theme park as it were," he said. "It makes a lot of sense for us.

"The main idea is that this is Portal available as a download, and there is additional content as advanced challenges that will be available to you after you finish the critical path of the game."


But will we be seeing more of GlaDOS this time around, or perhaps an extended storyline?

"No," he said, breaking hearts everywhere. "That's for a game to be named later perhaps."

To check out our full interview with Lombardi and hear him pontificate on everything from Left 4 Dead Machinima to Steam as an archive for games hit up the link below.

Left 4 Dead May Get Machinima Maker Post Launch [Kotaku]

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@Arsenicberyllium: Agreed. If it was Portal 2, they would have named it Portal 2, not Portal: Still Alive. It was obvious to me it was a map-pack from the start, which actually led to me quelling the excitement of friends who thought it was a new game. Nice job on the poor messaging Microsoft. :(