The issue of Game Informer blowing the lid off Valve's Portal 2 is now in people's hands, and those people are scouring it for details. Most important of which is confirmation the game is going to be available on Mac.

Not the world's greatest surprise, what with Valve's not-so-subtle teasing last week, but the thing with teasing - and not outright announcing - is that official confirmation still has to come somewhere down the line. And Game Informer's preview of the game looks to be just that.

According to scans from the latest issue, in the details section of the mag's preview, Mac is clearly listed under the "platforms" section, alongside PC and Xbox 360. Should make airport lounge wait times on my Macbook a lot more enjoyable than they are at the moment.


While you let this news soak in, why not read up on everything we know so far about Portal 2.

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