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Popular Magical Girl Anime Gets A Magical Boy

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Screenshot: Toei
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Debuting in 2004, the Pretty Cure series has become a mainstay of kiddy anime in Japan. One thing that has been a mainstay in the Pretty Cure shows is the appearance of magical girls. Yesterday’s episode, however, was different.


Traditionally, Pretty Cure been aimed at little girls, but like with many anime, its audience is wider than that. Not only girls want to be magical!

Sunday’s episode of Hugtto! PreCure (With a Hug! Pretty Cure) saw the debut of Cure Infini, the “first” male Pretty Cure. As My Game News Flash pointed out, the character was first teased in November.


Via Hachima Kikou, here is Cure Infini’s transformation scene.

Fans are falling in love with this magical boy.


But is Cure Infini really the first male Pretty Cure? As some on Twitter pointed out, comedian Takayuki Haranishi appeared on the show earlier this year and had a gag transformation scene.

Haranishi is often compared to a gorilla, so naturally, he turned into Cure Gorilla. Obviously, this isn’t an official Cure character, but the comedian was spotted in the most recent episode watching the transformation of Cure Infini.


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