Popeyes Wins The Fast Food Wars With Chicken Waffle Tenders

They're trying to keep it a secret, and it's much more fun and childish to imagine every beeped word in this video is "penis", but the cat is out of the bag — Popeyes Chicken Waffle Tenders arrive July 29.

AdvertisingAge has the skinny (probably the wrong choice of words) on Popeyes' latest creation, chicken tenders dipped in waffle batter, fried to what passes for perfection at whichever franchise location you happen to visit and served with honey maple dipping sauce. Having been robbed of the delicious taste of chicken and waffles by Lay's earlier this year (I am currently negotiating a four-bag deal via Twitter), I'll be lining up at my local Popeyes first thing Monday morning, if I can figure out where it is.


I'm not generally a big fan of the chain — the Louisiana-theme often equates a little too much spice — but they've just won my heart.

Popeyes' chief global brand officer explained the origin of the glorious combination to AdvertisingAge, as well as the impetus for this new creation.

Dick Lynch, chief global brand officer at Popeyes, explained that players finished so late that if they wanted a meal, restaurants and diners would still have fried chicken available while prepping waffle batter. The combination of chicken and waffles has tough-to-trace origins, but this part of its history resonated with Popeyes. And the pairing is apparently experiencing a revival.

"Chicken and waffles is an incredibly trendy, popular and kind of unexpected [product] right now," Mr. Lynch said.


In his honor, I shall attempt to refrain from using "dick lynch" as an expletive, though that's not a promise.

Look for a full Snacktaku review of these babies soon after I put them in my mouth.

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In other news, Lays Canada launches its version of a "choose your flavor" contest with inspired choices :

- Maple Moose (not Mousse, MOOSE)

- Creamy Ceasar Salad

- Grilled Cheese and Ketchup

- Bacon and Onions Piriogies

HMMMMMMM. I feel sick in my stomach already!