PopCap Games is practically giving away Peggle Nights, offering the PC and Mac nighttime sequel to the amazing Peggle for little more than signing up for a PopCap Passport account. That's just a few keystrokes and checkbox clicks!

Yes, if you would like to save $19.95 USD off the regular price of Peggle Nights, the casual, unusually fun peg-smashing addiction, you can do so right now. You're only one account creation and one PopCap newsletter opt-in away from owning the game that absorbed at least two weekends of my life.


Having just gone through the sign-up process, it's pretty straightforward. After signing up, you can choose to gift Peggle Nights to a friend or, if you're like me, selfishly gift it to yourself. Everybody wins! Specifically me!

PopCap Passport [PopCap - thanks, Scott!]