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PopCap Heard You Liked Peggle, So It Put It In World of Warcraft

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You thought the addition of Bejeweled to World of Warcraft was a potentially potent potable? That's nothing compared to the deadly cocktail that is PopCap's Peggle, also available to play in Blizzard's ultra-popular MMO.


WoW Insider has first details on the addition of the peg-smashing game, which has already begun raiding its way into World of Warcraft. Peggle for World of Warcraft runs within the Blizzard game itself, letting players go head-to-head to while away boredom, as well as helping to decide who gets dropped loot. (That's /peggleloot if you're wondering.)

But the game within a game also mixes up standard Peggle play.

While the WoW version comes with just two "Peggle Masters," players can earn "talent points" that will affect the way the game is played. Like World of Warcraft, the new version of Peggle features a skill tree, letting players modify their shots with higher points, a chance for "critical hits" and increased fever scores.


It's like a video game equivalent of an eightball, one administered right through the retina.

WoW Insider has more extensive details on the Peggle add-on, but if you'd prefer to play it instead of read about it, it's now available for download.

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