Polygon Parts Ways With Nick Robinson Following Twitter Claims

Longtime Polygon video producer Nick Robinson has “parted ways” with the site following a string of allegations that surfaced on Twitter at the beginning of the week.

The accusations were made in the wake of a tweet Robinson wrote about the Nintendo Switch title Overcooked, which prompted this in reply:


This led to an outpouring of comments from women working in video games throughout the day, many of them concerning sexual advances made over social media private messaging. Few of these mentioned Robinson by name, but their timing, replies and subject matter were seen to be related (note: one was by a writer for Kotaku.)

Following the allegations coming forward on August 5, Polygon editor in chief Chris Grant announced that Robinson had been suspended pending “a thorough Vox Media inquiry.” Earlier today, he updated to say that the site would be “parting ways with Nick Robinson, effective immediately.”

At the same time, Robinson issued this statement:


Robinson is perhaps best-known for his role as co-host of Car Boys, a popular YouTube series about the driving game BeamNG.drive.

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