Poll: More Than Half Of Real Girls Cannot Compete With Game Females

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An online survey of over 300 Japanese women revealed that more than 50 percent of them do not think they can compete with females characters in dating simulators. Buck, up ladies!


Responding to a question as to whether they were confident could win over their dating game playing boyfriend from virtual girl in a dating game, 53 percent said they were not confident they could. The remaining 47 percent said they were confident they could.

One woman responded, "There's no way I can beat that level of cuteness." Another said, "They're made to be the ideal girlfriend after all." Conversely, one confident lady replied, "They're made to be the ideal girlfriend after all." Another replied, "There's no way a mere game could win against a real woman like me!"

Out of those polled, only 7 percent said they would dump their boyfriend if he went bonkers for some dating simulator. Twenty percent wouldn't really care, but a whopping 45 percent would want their beau to stop playing. Another 28 percent wouldn't want him to play the game in front of them.

Wonder what percentage wouldn't want their boyfriend to go on vacation with their virtual girlfriend.

恋愛シミュレーションゲームに熱中する彼氏を許せる? [Livedoor via Sankaku Complex NSFW] [Pic]


Hey, got news for a lot of you "dating sims are WEIRD" people. Some popular western RPGs (especially Bioware's stuff like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or KOTOR, or the Fable games) borrow a whole lot in their NPC interaction/dialog with the dating sim genre. We're only going to see more and more of the fairly complex character interaction mechanics pioneered in Japanese dating sims showing up in mainstream western stuff.

But yeah, if you ask me, I'd rather spend my time chatting up a cute girl than being a burly space dude talking to other burly dudes. Guess that's just where my priorities lie ;)