Are you a man? Do you wear clothes? Well, listen up if you are in Japan or plan on visiting and, most importantly, care what others think.

Nationwide afternoon program Viking! polled 95 women on the Tokyo streets, asking them what men’s fashion they hated. The screen caps below appeared on 2ch, Japan’s largest web forum.

In case you are interested (or simply like getting judgement), here are the top five—er, worst five. Whatever.

As you can see in the top image, number five is “Otaku-Style Fashion.”

Let’s go through the rest of the quotes. And remember! This is just a poll of 95’s people’s opinion. Some people might TOTALLY LOVE these styles.


5. Otaku-Style

“Tucked in shirts like otaku do...”

4. Tank Tops


“People who wear tank tops.”

“I don’t like tank tops...”

3. Tracksuits



“Definitely tracksuits.”

2. Short Shorts


“Hot pants that go above the knee.”

“They’re unsightly.”

1. Host Clothing


“I’m not into people who wear host style clothes.”

“Unnecessarily pointy host-like shoes and whatnot.”

Now, just imagine someone decked out in a tucked-in tank top, a tracksuit jacket, hot pants, and pointy host shoes strolling down the street in Tokyo. Fantastic.


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