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Police Warning Parents About DSi

Illustration for article titled Police Warning Parents About DSi

Watch out parents! The DSi could put your kids at the mercy of child predators alert Arkansas police.


A local news report points out the the DSi doesn't only have a web browser, but it has a web browser and an embedded camera. Cue the hyper-active alarm bells!

"Now not only can the children be contacted, but they can be asked to provide pictures, video," says Sergeant Adam Holland, who investigates internet crimes against children.


See, before parents were worried about people drawing lewd pictures on the DS's PictoChat and now they're worried about people taking them. Or something.

It's really a good thing that kids these days don't have cell phones and that cell phones don't have cameras or internet browsers!

The local news report does point out that the DSi does have parental features — such as the ability to lock out certain websites. Explains, Sergeant Holland, "If the only website you want your kids to go to is YouTube, you go into the parental lockout feature, put in YoutTube's URL, and that's the only website your kids will be able to go to."


Phew, because there's nothing inappropriate on YouTube at all. Nothing.

Police Issue Warning about Nintendo DSi Say Parents Should be Aware of Internet Capability [KFSM Thanks Adam!]

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