Pokkén Tournament Players Make Scrapbook To Thank Lead Designer

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Screenshot: Pokken Tournament

Today’s top news from Being Nice magazine: a group of competitive Pokken Tournament players gave one of the games’ developers a handwritten book, thanking him for his hard work. Aww!


Hoshino, who previously worked on the Soulcalibur series, led the development of Pokkén Tournament, a Pokémon fighting game. During the Pokémon Worlds Championship last week, competitive Pokkén players gave him a gift of a book of handwritten messages.

Allister Singh, a competitive Pokkén player, posted the page that he wrote on his Twitter account. “You created something magical,” he wrote. “Because of you guys, a lot of lifelong friendships have been made with a lot of determination and fun behind it.”

Another player posted a video on Twitter of Hoshino receiving the book.

Sometimes, when you’re really loving (or really disliking) a game, it can be difficult to remember or even comprehend how many hands passed over it to make it what it is. In the case of bigger-budget games, it could be that thousands of people over a period of years played some part in the game you’re enjoying, and they may never know how much it means to you. Bridging the gap between developer and player can lead to harassment, and we have seen plenty of it in this past month. It can also lead to these sincere moments of gratitude and thanks.



Ahh, Pokken Tournament.

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