Pokémon's Creators Tell Us What Kind Of Pokemon Gym They'd Run

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I’ve always fantasized about what kind of gym leader I’d be in the world of Pokémon. The series’ producer Junichi Masuda’s and Pokémon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori’s hypothetical gyms both sound like places I’d want to visit.


In Pokémon games, every gym leader specializes in a certain Pokémon type. Misty from Red and Blue only had Water type Pokémon, while Brock specialized in Rock type monsters. While at E3 last week, I asked Masuda and Ohmori what type they’d specialize in if they were gym leaders.

“Probably Electric type for me,” Masuda said “This goes back to my musical inclinations.” As well as being a producer for the series, Masuda has composed the music for every single Pokémon game in the main series, dating back to Red and Blue.

“It would have a lot of synthesizer work,” he said. “It would probably be a really electrifying gym with tons and tons of lights, like a Christmas tree type of light.” When I suggested that it might have lasers, he nodded vigorously.

Ohmori’s answer seemed to be more influenced by the hot Los Angeles weather.

“I’m not good with heat, so probably an Ice type gym for me,” he said. It had been an incredibly hot day, reaching into the 80s, and was still clammy in the small, packed room I was interviewing them in. “A very well air-conditioned gym. I’ve been to a lot of hot places recently, so I just want a place to chill out.”

While I am currently seeing the appeal of Ohmori’s Ice type gym, I gotta say I’m more intrigued by Masuda’s vision for an Electric type gym. The idea of gym leaders acting like rock stars really appeals to me. If nothing else, I’ll imagine it while I listen to the classic Pokémon tunes that Masuda has composed.


One of my ideas for how Pokemon can do new ideas without straying too far from the roots would be to keep gyms but either lose or dial back on the type-focused gyms. We’ve had so many cool gyms that are built around a theme that I feel like that should be the way to go instead of just a specific typing. Depending on the theme you could still have a type that the gym leans towards, or at least a few specific Pokemon that repeat so younger/newer players can plan their strategy better.

But seriously, how cool would it be to have a gym of dog Pokemon? Or cats? We had a rockstar themed gym that was poison type, but what if it was more focused on being rock n’ roll themed? Honestly, I just love the idea of a doggo only gym.