When a Pokémon takes one of our available six slots in a game, it's not always an inclusion born out of love. Maybe we just need a specific type of Pokémon to deal with a threat. Maybe it's just a temporary inclusion, the best Pokémon we can find at that point in the game. Maybe they're just an HM slave.

Given that Pok√©mon games track our friendship level with each critter, it's not a stretch to say that Pok√©mon must feel the distance‚ÄĒand since they're smart, they must think about whether or not we actually love them.

Here's a heartbreaking comic by Steven Universe's Tiffany Ford, which explores the inner thoughts of a Pikachu that is having doubts about its trainer:


Man. That last panel. Makes me think about all the times I've put a Pokémon at a type disadvantage because I didn't really care. Aaaaa I'm sorry!


You can check out more of Tiffany Ford's work here.

(Via Tiny Cartridge)