Who knew Pocket Monsters looked so good in glasses? I sure didn't. But now I do.

In the past few days, fans have been uploading photos of their Pokémon plush toys wearing glasses. Their look is somewhat unexpected! Even Pokémon game designer Junichi Masuda has been retweeting the pics.


I'm assuming that recent promotional material for the Pokémon sunglasses have possibly inspired this meme.

Here, you can see some of the Pikachu-in-hipster-glasses hats used to promote the sunglasses. This photo was taken by Tokyo-based game localizer John Ricciardi.

[Photo: JohnTV]

Let's have a look at Pokémon wearing glasses!

[Photo: Nami_lugia]

[Photo: Love_Suicune]

[Photo: zoroa_0128]

[Photo: shiroganeru]

[Photo: Huni_Dede]

[Photo: exceed555]

[Photo: gothlolic]

[Photo: corvette_ryof]

[Photo: bugyou0201]

[Photo: chro_po]

[Photo: kotatsumuri63]

[Photo: isikoDX]

[Photo: ume_take612]

[Photo: politoed18]

[Top photo: kazamuro]

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