Pokémon Trading Card Game Coming To iPad

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Yes, the one from your childhood.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been playable online for a while now, but on iPad? That's just diabolical. And yet, that's exactly what's happening. An official iPad version of the Pokemon TCG has made an appearance at the Pokemon World Championships in Washington DC. It first surfaced in this tweet:


A representative from The Pokemon Company has since confirmed to Polygon that it's real, but they can't offer a release date just yet. Update: A rep told Kotaku that it's coming out later this year.

Assuming it's just like Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, this one has a good chance of being free, with players able to redeem codes on real cards to unlock them in the game.

It's pretty crazy, given that The Pokemon Company has yet to release anything for iPad that could be considered a full game. Apps, sure, but nothing playable.

While it's not a "real" Pokemon game—what with capturing and gym badges and endless adventures so long as really tough shrubs don't get in your way—there's still huge potential here. Games like Hearthstone are fantastic on iPad, scarily so if I think back to all the happy memories I don't have because I instead spent that time playing Hearthstone on iPad.



Will it be like the Pokemon TCG for Gameboy??? That was such an amazing game. Please come to other consoles, preferably all of them. Actually, I think this would be an awesome Facebook game too. All of this assuming it isn't F2P