Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream event this year kicked off with new Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay, and so far, it’s looking great.

First off, we have Yungoos, a normal-type monster:

And also Pikapek, a normal/flying woodpecker:

And Grubbin, a bug-type:

Encounters are also slightly different now, as Sun and Moon actually warn you with darkened screen edges before you get into a trainer’s field of view (where they will challenge you to a battle.)

The trainers themselves also have unique animations, to give battles a bit more flavor.

The gameplay showed off how battles now have new camera angles, Pokémon now cast shadows, and how the time of day actually affects the lighting of the field. The menus are also slightly different, with spiffier animations for both leving up and registering new critters to the Pokedex.

The livestream also took us to one of the early villages you’ll be able to visit, where you’ll also be able to battle:

There’s also a new mode, free-for-all battle against three other people. Winners are decided depending on how many monsters you have at the end, versus how many people you defeated. It’s also possible for multiple people to just gang up on someone, if they want: