The Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Is Out Now, And It's Worth Playing

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Good news, 3DS owners. You can now go into the Nintendo eShop and download a small taste of the upcoming Pokémon games.


The demo is not hard to find: it’s currently the first thing that pops up in eShop when you load into it. While much of the content inside of the demo is currently leaking online, it’s still worth downloading if you’re planning on playing the full game. The demo gives players access to a special level 36 “Ash-Greninja,” which will be transferable to the full game come November. You can see it in action in the trailer below:

Curiously, the demo also encourages players to replay it on specific days according to Pokemon fansite Serebii, and doing so will net people extra gifts.

The demo is a slice of the Sun and Moon experience that takes place separate from the events of the actual games. Players will be able to tackle a “trial,” which is the new system that replaces gyms. As you can see in the trailer, trials do not simply require battling—in this case, the player is asked to take pictures of a Pokémon in order to progress. It’s an exciting change of pace that reminds me heavily of Pokémon Snap. Based on earlier reveals, we know that trials in the full game will also incorporate unconventional challenges, such as item collection.

If nothing else, the demo should be experienced just to see the splendor of Alolan Dugtrio. Amazing.

And if you really want to spoil yourself now: the full Pokedex, including the final starter evolutions, have leaked thanks to the demo. 


Tamales y Atole

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