Get your picnic blanket out

You can buy food throughout Paldea, but you can only make sandwiches from the comforting confines of a picnic blankie. So roll it out—prepping a table is as simple as selecting “Picnic” from your main menu while in a mellow, wide-open area of your choice (the Pokémon website notes you can only set a table up “where there’s plenty of space for your Pokémon to run around.”)


Walk up to the table and choose “Make a Sandwich,” then pick a recipe or experiment by randomly putting ingredients together. Sandwich experiments improve withco-op, which gives you a physically larger loaf to work with and heightens what Meal Powers your sandwiches bestows upon your frail Pokémon avatar.

Spread so many ingredients, but not too many

Sandwich ingredients can be bought or found throughout Paldea. Each ingredient contains magic Meal Powers that will imbue your sandwich with a passive effect, which lasts up to 30 minutes.


Sandwiches can have up to three Meal Powers, with the strongest of three creating the dominant effect, but you can only consume one meal at a time, so be picky with your food choices based on your gameplay goals.

The main Meal Powers and their benefits are:

The exhaustive Pokémon site Serebii has compiled the game’s many ingredients and associated Meal Powers, but some tempting strong ones include:

Learn how to get more recipes

You can learn sandwich recipes from prophetic sandwich fanboys in Scarlet and Violet’s large cities, including in the starting area Mesagoza, Paldea’s largest city and therefore most-sandwich burdened capital. You can find the Mesagoza sandwich shop near the South Bridge, marked by a blurry BLT above its door. Chat with these sandwich men, who you’ll find next to the shop counter, and they’ll teach you new recipes as you progress through the game.


If you’re in a rush for buffs, though, you can buy sandwiches at these stores, too.

Have a few go-to meals for shiny hunting, invigorating stats

There are an infinite amount of sandwiches you can make, especially when you opt to go rogue and test combinations out on your own, but it’s worth keeping a few recipes in your back pocket. Also, as a general note, keep in mind that certain flavor profiles seem to have a gentle correlation to Meal Power, like salty with Catching, sweet with Egg, sour with Raid.


Serebii has a whole deli menu’s worth of additional recipes listed on its site, too.