Pokémon Player Beats Elite Four Champion With Level One Rattata

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For most players, the Elite Four is a place to take high level Pokémon, as they can sweep through the league with ease. Sometimes, though, you find a clever way to get through the final boss in Pokémon.


While this battle by isleep2late happened earlier in 2016, I still felt that I needed to share it with you guys: it’s so good. isleep2late took a level one Rattata to the Elite Four champion, Steven...and he won! Arceus almighty. Top percentage of Rattatas indeed.

The entire thing is the result of tons of planning, and a whole lot of sheer luck. In the description, isleep2late says it took ‘forever’ to pull off. The reason a low-level Rattata could pull this off in the first place is because of its particular moveset. isleep2late trained the Rattata to have quick attack, double team, swagger, and endeavor through a combination of breeding, TMs, and the move tutor. It’s an annoying combination that hits when it needs to, and makes sure that Rattata avoids danger as necessary.

Here’s isleep2late, explaining the thinking behind the strategy:

I used a modified F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata) where instead of using Quick Attack immediately after Endeavor, I Double Team while Steven uses a Full Restore (I’ve done this enough times to predict what the AI is going to do). Next turn I Endeavor again on 1 HP and HOPE that Skarmory doesn’t use Toxic or Aerial Ace and either uses Spikes or misses with Steel Wing. Afterwards, Rattata levels up to 15. I then proceed to Double Team 5 more times against Aggron, hope that all the attacking moves Steven uses from now on misses, use the remaining PPs for Endeavor, and kill the remaining Claydol, Carbink, Aerodactyl, and Metagross with Swagger. This strategy relied heavily on RNG and dumb luck, but it finally happened.

The best part is seeing how many times Rattata levels up once within the actual battle. GAINS.

Never count a so-called shitty Pokémon out, people. They might surprise you.



Wow, if this particular player was phoning me at 3am to tell me how great his rattata was, I totally wouldn’t mind.