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Pokemon? More Like Sucky-mon

Not all Pokémon are created equally. Some are very powerful. Some look badass. Some are adorable. And some simple suck. Game site 1up has put together a list of the five worst Pocket Monsters. Here's a quick rundown:

5. Unown - The "Gimmick" Pokémon

4. Beautifly - The "Generic Copy" Pokémon

3. Luvdisc - The "Filler Underclass" Pokémon

2. Probopass - The "Clever Design Gone Terribly Wrong" Pokémon

1. Mr. Mime - The "What Were They Thinking?" Pokémon

Click the link below for a full rundown on why these Pocket Monsters were selected. Surely with all those Pokémon that have been spawned, there must be more crap ones.
Top 5 Lamest Pokemon [1up]


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