Pokémon Moon And Sun Logos Pop Up

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What are Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun, recently discovered in the European Union’s trademark database (via NeoGAF)? Could they be, perhaps, video games?


Worth noting: Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have registered trademarks for many names that never actually come out, like “Pokémon Gray” and “Pokémon Delta Emerald,” both of which have led to endless wishes and fan speculation over the years. They didn’t have logos, though. Coincidentally, Nintendo is holding a Pokémon Direct tomorrow at 10am Eastern, which might make for a good opportunity to announce new Pokémon games. Just guessing.

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Hey. Kotaku.

I really like this website, so I’m going to give you some friendly advice. Please don’t post this kind of thing on the front page. I think you know how some folk feel about leaks; this can ruin a person’s day, ruin a fun surprise, you know, that kind of thing.

If you’re not sure how to be respectful about reporting on these kinds of things, I think Nintendo Life right now is an excellent example. They don’t give anything away from the headline or header image; you would have to click on it, expressing a desire to know more.

Please have that kind of consideration in the future.