Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Come With Pedometer

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It's not enough that Pokémon Gold/Silver are getting DS remakes this fall. Oh no, they're getting remakes and a pedometer. (Think a new Pokémon Pikachu.)


Dubbed the Poké Walker, the bundled item sends infrared signals to the DS and can be used to hold one Pocket Monsters as you walk around, building experience and gain "watts" which are type of currency.





Some of you do realize that Pokemon is like for kids right??

Now, Ill play the occasional Pokemon game but jesus...... you guys know a little to much about them...

Ever try leaving the house??

Guess thats what the pedometer is for.

And.... Considering that America IS the fatest country in the world I doubt the Pedometer is a Japan exclusive,.... I dont think Ive ever seen a japanese person over 125lbs.