Pokémon Has Come A Long Way In Twelve Years

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We've seen comparison shots, which put the new Pokémon remakes next to the original games. Now, you can see how the graphics compare in motion—something that really highlights the difference that the new X & Y engine makes.


Though The Pokémon Company released this footage earlier in the month, it was all contained in a bunch of separate videos. Pokémothim went ahead and put that footage side-by-side, resulting in this easier-to-view single video:

Every time I think about the visual differences, I'll admit, I feel a little shocked! I remember playing Ruby and Emerald as a teenager, everything is still very vivid in my head. It makes me kind of miss the days of sprites, but hey—the new games look wonderful in their own way, too.


ORAS - Antes e Depois [Pokemothim]

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