Pokémon Go Players: Team Instinct, Mystic Or Valor?

Upon reaching level five in Pokémon Go, the player must choose a faction to represent in the battle for Pokémon Gym domination. Are you a member of the calm and analytical Team Mystic, or did you choose one of the other two for some reason?


Red, yellow or blue, your choice of Pokémon Go team will follow you as long as your account is active. Once you hit level five its time to stop piddling about and start making some gold by taking and keeping gyms with your teammates.

Look around your map. Which color has captured the most gyms in your area? It might be easier to make that gym-holding gold if you go with them. Or you might pick Team Mystic based on such criteria, as I did, only to wake up the next morning to find Valor swept in and took it all. That’s fine. I am fine with this. It’s fine.

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Hit up the poll below to represent your team in the three-way battle between Instinct, Mystic and Valor. Then tell us in the comments why you went the way you did. Favorite color? Unfounded optimism? Peer pressure? The Team Mystic leader’s awesome belt?

It was totally the belt.

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lol I’m fairly sure I’m the only Instinct member in my city