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Pokémon Go Player Arrested For Assaulting Friend

Illustration for article titled iPokémon Go/i Player Arrested For Assaulting Friend
Image: Pokemon Go
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In Hokkaido, Japan, 56-year-old Kanehisa Satoh has been arrested after an alleged altercation with his 55-year-old friend over Pokémon Go.


The two first met several years ago while playing Pokémon Go.

The altercation broke out over a Gym in Pokémon Go while both were in a stopped car, reports Sankei. “I got pissed because he had gone ahead and took my encampment,” Satoh is quoted as saying in his confession. Satoh grabbed his friend by the chest and then kicked the driver’s side mirror, destroying it.


The 55-year-old man called the police, who rushed to the scene and arrested Satoh for assault and property damage.

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I want the rivals in the main games to be more like this.