Illustration: @BrachyZoid

Sometimes, Pokémon Go borks everything up and displays different monsters merging with one another. One artist is using these glitches as inspiration for completely new (and often disturbing) creations.

@BrachyZoid’s Twitter feed has, for the last few weeks, been re-imagining screenshots sent by Pokémon Go fans. Originally the screenshots were just bugs, but BrachyZoid transformed them into something much more sinister:

A couple of fusions are even inspiring others, such as davidszilagyi, to draw their own nightmare renditions:

Not all Pokémon Go fusions are horrifying, however. The most popular fusion glitch to circulate the internet is “Geoduo,” which is a cross between a Geodude and Dodrio:

Looks pretty silly, huh? This too set off a whole lotta internet fan art and Photoshops, as you can see below:

By: @MissyMerlin

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