Pokémon Go Clone Has You Collecting Catholic Saints

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The Vatican has commissioned a mobile game called Follow JC Go, an AR title which is almost identical to Pokémon Go, only you’re out there collecting Saints and “blessed characters from the Bible”.


It works exactly the same as Niantic and Nintendo’s blockbuster: you hit the streets and run into things you can capture, only instead of battling monsters, you just need to answer some questions from Saints and other Holy Folk.

Corriere reports that in addition to tracking a user’s “hydration and nutrition”, it’ll also take note of your prayer count, and while the game features transactions, they come in the form of donations to charity.

Follow JC Go was made for World Youth Day in Panama early next year, but the app’s already out, albeit just in Spanish. There are more languages coming soon.

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So are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael considered legendaires?
Also since its saints + biblical figures does that mean you can capture Jacob? Can you even capture Jacob, I mean the dude beat God in a title wrestling match.

Does Jacob have weird catch conditions? Can Noah run away? Is St. Joan a fire type? Is St. Patrick a grass type? Are they gonna do my boi Saint Alban dirty and just not put him in?

Everyone wants to make jokes, but no one is asking the big questions.