Pokémon Evolve. So What's Up With Crocodiles?

It's a good question! I mean, Darwinism holds that species evolve over time. Yet some creatures - sharks, crocodiles, cockroaches - have gone unchanged for millions of years.


There must be an explanation for this. And whaddya know, here it is.

MiniMation No.1 - "Hold B Button" [YouTube]



But animals DO evolve. All of them. Every single one of them. There is not a single animal on the planet that has gone through millions of years unchanged.

I GET that this video is a joke but god almighty I don't need more fuel added to the fire of general ignorance of people about the way the world works. I'm still drinking heavily from someone legitimately saying to me "If the world has been here for millions of years, then how come it's only 2013?"