Pokémon Developer's New Game Crosses Horse Racing and... Solitaire

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Here's Game Freak's newest game, which involves a "collaboration" the developer started referencing last week with a mysterious message on its site. It's called Soritiba, and the collaboration in this case is between two genres: solitaire and horse racing. Huh.


According to 4Gamer, gameplay in Soritiba ("Soriti" is a shortening of "solitaire", while "ba" or 馬 means "horse") consists of, well, racing and solitaire; players switch between the two game modes as the horse race goes on, collecting power-ups by playing solitaire to help their horse along the track, and directly controlling their horse using the touch screen.

Soritiba Horse will be released on July 31 in Japan on the 3DS eShop. There are more screenshots for you to check out below.

ゲームフリークの新作は“ソリティア×競馬” [4Gamer]

GameFreak's New Game: Soritia Horse [NeoGAF]

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