She first creates the body. To allow the characters to pose, she inserts a black wire. Then, to add color, she uses different colored felt fibers and pokes them into place. The finished result is impressive—and even cuter than regular Pokémon. What is it about fuzzy characters that so darn adorable?


Below are other Pokémon projects.






And of course, Pikachu.

All the videos are really great, but the ones with ASMR are incredibly relaxing. From taking the felt out of the bag to poke it with the special needle, or snipping the felt with scissors, the clips scratch all the right ASMR itches. Even if you don’t want to take up needle felting, watch those and just...relax.


For more fuzzy Pokémon felt projects, follow Mio on Twitter, or check out her YouTube Channel. If you are interested in taking up needle felting, check out Craftsy’s intro guide for beginners to start your journey into making fuzzy, cute characters.