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Pokemon Butt Meme Finds Its Way into a Supermarket...Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is Froakie. In Japan, his name is "Keromatsu" (ケロマツ), with "kero" referring to "ribbit" in Japanese. Yet, a couple of supermarkets have mixed that up with something else: Ass.

As you can see in the image uploaded by Twitter user zinrai_bastar, this isn't Keromatsu bread. Oh no, it's "Ketsumaro" bread, with "ketsu" (ケツ) meaning "ass" in Japanese.


The above photo has been retweeted over ten thousand times. Here is a detail, showing where it says "butt" in Japanese:

When Froakie was first introduced, some people jokingly misread "Keromatsu" as "Ketsumaro," which gave birth to inevitable fan art like this:


[Photo: punipuni]


[Photo: キリアス]

This isn't the first time supermarkets have gotten cheeky with Froakie. Here is a photo from last December with the similar typo:


"Ketsumaron" (ケツマロン)sounds similar to Chespin's Japanese name (ハリマロン or Harimaron), but with added "ketsu" or ass.

This looks like some grade A supermarket trolling.


[Photo: PRCM]

あのさぁ… [@zinrai_bastar]

ケツマロン [@cyborg0021]

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