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Pokémon Battles Are Way Better With A Little Dragon Ball Z

We've seen what happens when Pokémon battles get ugly. What about when they get really intense, what happens then? A Smash Bros. mod can answer that question.


A couple of months ago we showed you a nearly heart-stopping Smash Bros. battle, which was done with the help of Project M's Turbo Mode—a special feature that lets Brawl players cancel moves once they've landed, which in turn lets players create absurd combos with the help of special tools.

This time around, we bring you some more videos of that variety, only they're by gamerfreak5665, and they're entirely Pokémon-themed. It kind of makes me wish that actual Pokémon in the games battles felt this bombastic, or that they took more cues from a frenetic franchise, like Dragon Ball Z. Alas! For now, this mod will have to indulge me.


The videos might not be new, but they're certainly striking. Even battles including cute critters, like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, are transformed with the help of turbo mode:

It's not just the speed, though. I can't get over the high-percentage combos, or even the number of rests that Jigglypuff can get off in a row. It's so absurd! I love it, and the many things that become possible with turbo mode.

And if you just wanna watch a Pokémon beat other characters up in Smash, Project M has you covered:

This is my favorite bit:


Yeah, screw your Pokeball!!

You can download Project M for Brawl here.

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The fighting is all well and good, but they forgot the 28 minutes of staring at each other threateningly before the actual fight.