Podcast: What We Think Of Destiny 2 So Far

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Destiny 2 has been out for a few days, and we’ve played enough to form some general impressions. Join me and Jason for a special episode of Kotaku Splitscreen that’s all about Bungie’s big sequel.


Listen here:

We don’t spoil anything from the story, other than to say that you should really play through the entire thing unspoiled if possible. Also, at 27:29 we get into the music (with examples!), which was a fun conversation because the music for Destiny 2 is so very good. If you want to download an MP3 of the episode, you can do that here.


My full Destiny 2 review won’t run until after we’ve played the raid, since I’m only just getting into the endgame, which is often where this kind of game runs into trouble. In the meantime, we’ll have plenty more coverage of the game next week, and will be back to our regular Splitscreen recording schedule as well.

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I’m enjoying it so far, but I’m only about 4 hours into it. What I don’t understand is how some people already have light levels in the high 200's when the max is 300. I saw a guy on my first night playing (the day it was officially released) that was at 278 and had an exotic chest piece. WTF?!

These are going to be the same people complaining in week 2 about there being no content.