Podcast: What We Expect (And Hope) To See At E3 2017

E3 2016 photo via ESA
E3 2016 photo via ESA

It’s Video Game Christmas on today’s Kotaku Splitscreen, and with E3 now underway, it’s time to for one last chat about our hopes, dreams, and predictions.


We open up the show with some brief talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s turbulent development (4:03) before jumping into E3 talk, going through each press conference to talk about hopes and predictions.

First up is Electronic Arts (17:17) (you can catch up on what EA revealed during yesterday’s press event here), then Microsoft (25:15), Bethesda (35:52), Ubisoft (43:44), Sony (49:44), and Nintendo (1:00:27). Last, a quick discussion about our podcast plans for the coming week (1:15:25).

You can download the MP3 right here.

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Bethesda and Sony are the conferences I look forward to the most. Bethesda’s probably going to reveal one of their new IPs this year, if rumors are to be true. Sony on the other hand - I’m hoping post-release content for Horizon Zero Dawn to be teased.