Podcast: Overwatch Is Crazy Fun

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As you probably already know, Overwatch is an excellent game—unless you play Torbjorn. Fuck Torbjorn.


Originally published 6/23/16

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, join me and Kirk to talk about the merits of Overwatch and how Mei is awful but Widowmaker owns. We’ve also got an E3 postmortem, some hands-on Zelda impressions, thoughts on Hitman and Zero Time Dilemma, and even some bonus Game of Thrones talk.


You can find today’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or listen directly via SimpleCast. (MP3 download here.) Send any and all questions, suggestions, or puppy pictures to splitscreen@kotaku.com.

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I loved all your recent podcasts and the E3 round-ups, but I won’t listen to this episode. These last few weeks of sh*tting on Might No. 9, over and over compared to how much you guys fanboy over Overwatch, which is pretty terrible itself, is just too much for me. We get it, Mighty Number 9 is bad, and Blizzard is paying you to pimp Overwatch. Everyone I know who played Overwatch has already moved on. Here, let me offer some suggestions: Why did mighty no 9 fail? Maybe interview someone on the project. What is Grand Kingdom? is it fun? Why aren’t their any games like KOEIs Gemfire? Fans would love to see it. Whats going on in pro eSports? League of Legends? What is it about kickstarter and video games? Why do few succeed and many fail? Is this the wrong medium for trying to fund independent games? What happened to Steam Green light? Anything crazy fun on Steam? Stardew Valley updates? BTW, the Gay Sex games on Steam article was awesome and well done. Informative, interesting and yes, us gay dudes play games too! Thanks guys! P.S I wish you guys had shit on Star Wars: The Force Awakens as much as the Warcraft Movie. I personally think The Force Awakens was a joke and way worse than Warcraft, which was pretty meh.