Podcast: Big Predictions For 2016

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Will Nintendo’s NX be out this year? Is The Division going to be an adequate Destiny replacement? Will Oculus Rift lead to class action lawsuits?


It’s prediction time on this week’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, in which Kirk and I put on our soothsayer hats and each lay out 12 wild guesses about what will happen in gaming this year. Kirk thinks a lot of games will be disappointing; I’m guessing that we’ll see the NX this fall, among other things both grounded and outlandish.

We’ll revisit these predictions in December, and whoever gets the most right WINS (a free meal (purchased by the loser)).


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Well I’m going to see if Division is any good tommorrow.

I just hope it’s fun and shotguns are great (having more range than just 2 meters would be nice) and that there is going to be a lot of content. But I doubt I’ll be able to judge it completely via Beta. I just hope it will be great fun. Ubisoft gets a lot of crap, but I’ve generally managed to enjoy their games.