Inspired by the space battles of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I’ve decided to take a stab at model building. And though Bandai Hobby’s Red Squadron X-Wing Starfighter set is a simple snap and sticker affair, I’m really worried about screwing it up. Got any pointers?

The folks at Bluefin started bringing over Bandai Hobby’s Rogue One kits over from Japan earlier this month, beginning with this combo 1/72 and 1/144 scale X-Wing set. I’ve been eyeing Bandai’s Dragonball Z stuff for ages, but imagining my large hands applying tiny stickers and fiddling with delicate parts gave me pause. If the Star Wars set goes well enough, they’re next.


But for now I need to make this:

Look like this:


My biological father was big into putting together model planes and cars while I was growing up, spending hours assembling, gluing, sanding and painting. I came away from that experience having learned two things. First, simply snapping out and assembling the pieces from the starter models he would buy me resulted in a finished product that looked horrible, especially compared to his work. That, and accidentally breaking one of your father’s finished models was a very, very bad idea.


And so I look to the model building gurus in the Toy Time audience for aid. How should I go about trimming the bits? How can my sausage-like fingers properly place delicate decals? What sort of equipment should I be using? Let me know in the comments, and next week we’ll see how well I put your knowledge to use.

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