Please Do Not Catch Pokémon At Beyonce & Rihanna Concerts

Hey, you, the person paying a lotta money to go see Rihanna and Beyonce in person. Maybe put the phone away for a minute. Those Pokémon aren’t worth it.


Vulture reports on two horrible/fantastic clips over the weekend from two concerts, one by Rihanna, one by Beyonce. First, Rihanna, who has some sound advice for her fans:

Next up, this footage taken at a Beyonce show, where one guy has his life changed forever while a girl in front of him...well, I guess she had better things to do.

Remember: as with everything else in life, there’s a time and a place for video games.

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Eh if you get dragged to a concert by an artist you think is shitty feel free. They already got the money. I know I would be on my phone if I was stuck having to listen to these two.